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I Rediscovered Something I Had Long Forgotten

I have wanted to write an article on the benefits of waking up early, or kind of that stuff, for sometime now. But, I never sat down to write that, coz, I thought I was tired and stuff, but now I guess, maybe it was actually coz I didn’t have the right inspiration.

Well, I also had wanted to get up early for so long, but that too happens rarely. The  best and usual scenario was when I had exams, and I woke up ,well actually my Mother woke me up at about 5am to study, and I sat with my text book in front of me. It rarely happened that I studied for an hour or for that matter, half an hour straight without dozing off every two minutes and with my Mom coming to wake me up every now and then. At times, when she didn’t come for half an hour straight, I would be sleeping with my open text book for pillow. This was the case with most of the days I woke up early to study for my exams, but I still used wake up at 5am for ‘exam study’ and I still wonder why.

Hmm, that was around 3.5 years back, coz that was when I graduated (actually I was gonna use the word ‘left college’ instead of graduated, but it felt sad, hence decided against it).

Anyway, the point is- Yesterday and today i.e. from midnight to morning I couldn’t sleep coz I had some work online.  By 6.30-7 am I finished up a major part of it and went out to the portico. What I saw was amazing, a thin film of mist adorning the lush green nature. It was just, magnificent, but I don’t know why I still went back to the room. What was I thinking? After a while, again, I don’t know why, but I stepped out to that cool, morning breeze.

What awaited me was mesmerizing. The chirping of birds, the fluttering of butterflies, the fresh smell of early morning (for me 🙂 atleast) breeze, thin film of dew drops forming something like a web over the leaves and flowers, the vista of clear droplet ready to fall at the tip of leaves, the early ( 🙂 )morning sun peeping through the trees, the mild reflection of the trees and the sun in the serene waters of the pond (Well, most would call it just a water body, but I like to call it pond), all seen through the thin haze of the morning mist; it was just enchanting.

All I could think of then, was taking a walk through the lap of Mother Nature and so I did, but not before I could run inside and take my Nokia 500 with me (and I am glad, I did that). While enjoying the beauty of pristine nature, I took a few snaps of it and also thought that I should write about it. Most of the words I now write actually came to my mind when I was taking that walk and those snaps. I actually wanted to upload some of those pictures here (not coz they are good and all but atleast it would have added some color into this boring article 🙂 ) but something is wrong with my phone and I am not able to upload anything from it to the lap top. (Yeah! I know, it’s sad 😦 ).

It was when I started taking those pictures, that I realized that a lot of things (well, most of and may be, all of it and I still don’t realize it), around me were beautiful. The tree (I had studied its name in our botany class, but I forgot it now, so I will just call it suntree, coz it’s flowers  remind me of sun) that was there on the side of the road, practically all my life, the pond (so-called by me), a badam tree (badam-that’s what we Indian’s call almond) that stood by the pond, an acacia tree near the pathway to neighbors house, all , looked stunning in that early hours of the day.

The suntree, the almond tree and a few other trees around made me think how beautiful they are and how I have grown not noticing them or their beauty, especially when I consider myself a nature lover and thought that I did not miss any good things that was around. When I took the snap of the suntree I remembered how we used to look at it as kids, I tried to remember how it looked then, but couldn’t. It was actually larger back then and was cut down coz it caused a threat to the traffic and electricity line (ya, we Indians still use electricity lines that hover above our heads!).Only its trunk remained and still it managed to grow up again, into the good looking tree, it is now.

Coming to the badam tree, I realized that, I had never ever noticed it until today. Actually, that was quite a puzzle to me, coz, we frequently went and came to and from our neighbor’s house through that way (now the way has been changed and is now ‘unwakable’ with grasses and shrubs grown). Then, how come I never noticed it? Or did it grow up in around last 6-7 years, when I was busy with my college, friends and job that I failed to notice it? I don’t know.  But, any how the tree looked just breathtaking, standing there by the side of the pond and with its red, yellow, light green and other shades of leaves creating a vivid aura of colors in the otherwise green surroundings.

The acacia tree, I think, I remember it from the days when we used to go there to collect specimen for botany herbarium for college. The jack fruit tree in our land and another small tree (or plant?) that grew in another of our neighbor’s compound, all, made me rethink on their beauty.

Well, actually, these charms reminded me that I had forgotten to look at, let alone enjoy the blessing that nature has endowed us with. It also reminded me that I had been missing out on a lot lately, 3-3.5 years on a broader view, and the last 4-5 months on a lesser scale.

Last 3-3.5 years were really hectic, what with all the jobs and work stress, the other paradigms of life and much more. I used to come home just for a day or two or max a week in a month from my hostel and I couldn’t take time to get up early (ok, yes! I agree I was lazy), or to enjoy the bliss of nature. Of these years, the last 4-5 months have been really stressful and traumatic(for reasons that may be trivial for others, but I have my own reasons to be going through what I am experiencing and I wish no one ever goes through anything like this, never, ever). Though I was (and am) at home these days, I was more into myself, without bothering much on what was going on around me or even noticing how days fled past; most of them without any new happenings. But, now I realize that there are a lot of things, I have been missing out on and hope that I get them all back.

I guess these are few of those moments when we realize that there is more to life than just going through it (well, at least I did). I also realize that I have been using a lot brackets in the whole article ( 🙂 ). Well, jokes apart, these are moments when we rediscover something that we have forgotten for so long, moments that make us feel that life is worth living and give us an energy to smile and venture into something we have been afraid of or tired of or lazy to do for so long, (a small example-like me writing this article).

I think, I will get up early from tomorrow on (well, hopefully), and yes, I need to write that article on benefits of waking up early too.