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First day at my new blog


This is my second post on wordpress. Actually, I joined the site yesterday and that too quite accidently, but I am happy I did. In just a day, I have really started liking this site. I mean, it’s cool with all these numerous, wonderful posts and stuffs.

Well, I liked the food blog better (call me biased but I am a foodie, can’t help it 🙂 ),  but others were really good too. While going through the posts I found a lot of wonderful people, sharing brilliant ideas, pictures, experiences and much more. I liked some of the posts for their exceptional writing style, some others for the info loaded,  few for how cute the blog looked, and yet others for the vibrant, unique pictures that speaks better than words.

I hope, I will be able to pen some good posts in the coming days, which many of you are gonna read with the same enthusiasm and wonder with which I read your’s.